We have been very busy at Corner House Nursery lately .

We have done some more sticking onto poppies for Remembrance Day, decorated a diva for Diwali and dressed up in pj’s for Children in Need.



The babies took great interest in the tree surgeons cutting the trees outside and watched them for some time.


In Toddler room this week, we had ‘when I grow up’ week with different activities from taking finger prints being a police officer, turning the toddler room into a children’s hospital, becoming teachers, cleaners and cooks, turning our toddler room into a takeaway cafe.   




We also managed to do a 2 minute silence with the Toddlers for Remembrance Day



We have been learning about Diwali; the children listened to Asian music showing their dance moves, they also listened to story of Rama and Sita.

We learnt why Diwali is celebrated during a group Discussion and enjoyed role playing in a Diwali sweet shop.

We celebrated Diwali by colouring in some Diwali lanterns and making star shaped biscuits as we spoke about the fireworks.

We also took part in activities relating to ‘when I grow up’, this included painting police cars, making a body picture using the children body parts and making pizza from shredded paper and paint.


On Thursday 12th November we raised money for children in need by all wearing our pyjamas to nursery.

Parents and staff made donations and we raised a total of £305.