Baby Room

Baby Room set up, no children

Babies don’t operate like clockwork and neither do we, so our day is a flexible one where babies can be breast fed by their mothers if wanted and other feeding and sleeping times are gently worked into a routine which suits each baby’s individual needs. Your baby’s key person will take responsibility for developing a relationship with you and your baby and ease that all important transition into nursery life. A close bond will develop and your baby’s carer will play a central part in their development in partnership with you as parents.

Our babies benefit from a wide range of daily activities, socialising with other children and familiar adults, listening and joining in with conversations and songs. There is space for physical play to kick and stretch, and toys which encourage movement. Visual stimulation with mobiles, books, outings and interesting new objects to look at; messy play, such as water and paint, giving experience of a variety of textures and toys. Of course, all the educational stimulation does not exclude cuddles, love and fun!