Nursery Class

Nursery Class story time

Our Nursery Class understands the importance that each child is given the opportunity and encouragement to develop to their full potential and our curriculum is broad based and child centred. The Corner House has successfully achieved the promotion of all seven areas of learning as defined by the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).

From initial grounding in the pre-school room, reading is introduced using a linked programme of “look, say” and phonic texts and writing is further encouraged. There are opportunities for experimenting with sand and water, particularly as useful tools for mathematical and scientific concepts; construction both individually and co-operatively; art and craft, cooking and much more.

The well-planned curriculum and extensive range of resources ensures your child is encouraged to develop skills and perseverance and that their curiosity is excited. Together with our parents, the Corner House gives the children the confidence, knowledge and thirst for learning to make the successful transition to ‘big school’.