The nursery is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday all year round, except for bank holidays, two training day and three days over the Christmas and New Year period.

The staff cannot possibly be on duty for ten hours a day, so all staff work a shift pattern to cover throughout the day.

It is important to consider your arrival and departure times at the nursery.  The beginning and end of the day can be particularly stressful for nursery staff who have to prepare for the morning’s activities or clear up after a busy day as well as greet parents and children.

It is unfair to take advantage of their dedication by expecting them to work outside the hours for which they are employed.  In the morning you should not anticipate bringing your child before  8 a.m., although staff may already be preparing activities and in the evening, you should try to arrive by 5.50 p.m. at the latest to ensure an unhurried departure with time to discuss your child’s day.

There are four  rooms for the children – the Baby Room,  the Toddler Room, the Pre-School Room and the Nursery Class.