At the Corner House we pride ourselves on our ‘open door’ policy for parents and you are welcome to spend time in the nursery at any time with your child. Although many of you will be working during the day, we have often had parents who have time off and come in and read a story to the children, help with an activity or assist on outings.

We recognise you as your child’s first educator and in sharing information and working together we hope that the nursery becomes part of your child’s extended family.

Apart from the arranged meetings with your child’s key person to discuss their development and progress with you, we have many other ways in which you can feel part of the nursery. Following is a selection:

Open Weeks

During the year we hold a number of ‘open weeks’, where you can arrange to come and spend an hour with your child and see various times of the day. Many parents enjoy coming in to share lunch or tea with their child, or to take part in a planned activity.

As the majority of nursery staff are female, the children really enjoy having their dad or others visiting. Parents have said they have found this such a valuable experience in seeing other parts of their child’s day which they don’t normally see – and how much the children enjoy themselves!

Involving You

As parents, you have such a rich range of experiences which, your time permitting, we appreciate you sharing with the nursery. We have had dads visit with giant toy trucks to illustrate their construction work during a topic on ‘diggers’; dentist or doctor parents visiting with the tools of their trade; ‘show and tell’ sessions of artefacts during festival celebrations (and related foods!), as well as music sessions from those parents who play instruments. The list is endless! Our teas are extremely popular when held for Father’s or Mother’s Day –And even grandparents get involved.