Toddler Room

Toddler set up , no children

At just over a year old, babies are gently introduced to the Toddler Room and their new key person who still plays an important role in encouraging and recording your child’s developmental progress and sharing this with you as parents. This is an age of great discovery and adventure, not only through play and trips out, but through the children learning co-operation and sensitivity to one another and by expressing themselves and their needs.

The toddlers have a wide variety of activities, e.g. water, sand, paint, glue, dough, garden play with bikes and climbing equipment, socialising, singing and dancing, stories, conversation, puzzles, building, construction, doll and domestic play and small world toys.

Outings usually take place in the morning in small groups of children and staff. The children eat meals at tables with their key person and most have a sleep after lunch. Again, all this educational stimulation does not exclude cuddles, love and fun!