Inspection Report

Overall Summary

  • The managers are committed to continually improving practice and the provision within
    the nursery. They listen to the views of parents and staff to address any issues and to
    develop clear and achievable improvement plans.
  • Staff know children well
    and use children’s interests to plan activities that successfully
    motivate them to learn. For example, young children experiment with a range of
    materials to develop their imaginative skills. They enjoy making shapes with various
    materials to create Valen
    tine’s cards. All children, including those who speak English as
    an additional language, make good progress.
  • Children of all ages show that they feel extremely emotionally secure. Babies develop
    extremely strong bonds with staff, who give them excellent support as they gain
    confidence in exploring their surroundings. Toddlers confidently choose what they want
    do and staff respect their decisions. Older children are excellent role models who are
    consistently kind and helpful to younger children.
  • Partnerships with parents are strong. Staff successfully engage parents in their
    children’s learning from the start. The ongoing sharing of information helps to support
    continuity in children’s care, learning and development.

Effectiveness of the leadership and management is good

  • Safeguarding is effective. The managers and staff understand their responsibilities to keep
    children safe and the action to take if they have welfare concerns. Recruitment and vetting
    procedures are thorough and staff are effectively deployed. The managers closely monitor
    the quality of care and teaching experiences that staff provide children. They observe staff
    well and provide them with helpful advice and training opportunities, to help develop their
    practice. Managers successfully monitor individual and groups of children’s progress. This
    helps them to identify any gaps in development early on and provide appropriate support
    from outside professionals when needed.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare are Outstanding 

  • Children are exceptionally polite and behave impeccably. They are extremely happy,
    relaxed and show very high levels of confidence and self-esteem. Staff are excellent role
    models demonstrating polite, patient and friendly behaviour. Children’s physical health and development are extremely well supported. Children enjoy immense opportunities to learn outdoors with natural materials. Children of all ages are greatly inspired to explore and investigate. Children develop an inspirational respect for other people’s similarities and differences. For example, they learn about the reasons behind religious traditions, such as Chinese New Year.

Outcomes for children are good

  • Children are enthusiastic and independent learners. Older children learn skills, such as
    writing their names, and are beginning to develop their early reading skills. They are very
    confident communicators who are eager to demonstrate what they know and can do.
    Babies have highly secure attachments to their carers and confidently explore the
    environment around them. Children are well prepared for their next stages in learning and
    for their eventual moves on to school.