The Early Year Practitioners caring for the children ensure a good quality of care for each child.  Although the children are cared for in a group setting, the nursery operates a “key person” system. Each child’s key person takes responsibility for develop­ing a relationship with the child and parent/s and easing the all-important transition into nursery life.  With the babies, it is anticipated that a close bond will develop and that this carer will play a central part in their development.

With the toddlers, pre-school and nursery class children, the key person still plays an important role in encouraging and re­cording their developmental progress and being the child’s main adult whilst at nursery, but she/he will begin developing friend­ships with other staff members.

The relaxed atmosphere of the nursery creates opportunities in practice for children to get to know and feel at ease with all the nursery staff.

The staff will welcome suggestions and comments from parents.  Once your child starts at the nursery you will be able to discuss their development with the key person.